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Latest News & Articles | Will Personal Injury Reforms Hinder Access To Justice For Some?

Will Personal Injury Reforms Hinder Access To Justice For Some?

Thursday, May 17th 2018 12:36pm

The Justice Committee have raised concerns that the proposed small claims limits for personal injury could in fact hinder access to justice for some people. It has been proposed that the personal injury small claims limit should be increased from £1,000 to £2,000 and to £5,000 for personal injury claims related to road traffic accidents.

Claimants With No Legal Representation

Legal RepresentationThe proposed new limits could end up with many claimants unable to get legal representation for themselves. The government are looking to compensate for this by developing an electronic platform which unrepresented claimants will be able to use, but the Justice Committee feels that this will fall way short of what many people require when trying to get justice for themselves after a personal injury.

On the Insurance Business UK website Chair of the Justice Committee Bob Neill, MP, is quoted as saying: "Access to justice, including the right of access to the courts, is a cornerstone of the rule of law but these reforms risk putting that right in doubt. We share strong concerns that were raised during our inquiry on this issue, including concerns about the financial and procedural barriers that claimants might face.

"The Ministry of Justice has made some welcome moves to develop the electronic platform to compensate for claimants' anticipated lack of legal representation. However, we remain to be convinced that this will be effective or sufficient. This is a vitally important point of principle on which the Government should reflect. The small claims limit for personal injury should not be increased unless Ministers can explain how it will make sure that access to justice is not affected."

Everyone Should Have Equal Access To Justice

We sincerely hope that the government takes heed and ensures that everyone has the same access to justice which should be a given in any civilised society. If you have suffered a personal injury recently which was not your fault and you think you may be entitled to compensation get in touch with our offices for a no obligation chat so that we can advise you on your next steps. Just give us a call on 028 3752 5999.


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