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Latest News & Articles | Do You Need Help Ensuring Your Business Is Compliant When GDPR Is Introduced?

Do You Need Help Ensuring Your Business Is Compliant When GDPR Is Introduced?

Friday, May 11th 2018 1:45pm

On May 25th the much trumpeted General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR for short comes into effect, and all businesses will have to comply with the new regulations or face penalties. If you require any help with this as a matter of urgency, or you are having an issue with any other employment law related issue, at GCS Solicitors we have experienced Employment Law Solicitors ready to help and advise.

Written Record Of Processing Activities

GDPR Launches In MayWhen GDPR is launched in just two weeks time all businesses will be required to maintain a written record of their processing activities, covering areas such as the purposes of data processing, data sharing and retention.

If a business has more than 250 employees they must document all their data processing activities without exception. If you have fewer than 250 then you need to document the processing activities that are not occasional, could result in a risk to the rights and freedoms of individuals, and involve the processing of special categories of data or criminal conviction and offence data.

All businesses are different of course and some businesses will handle more data than others and so have more work to do in getting up to speed with the new controls and regulations. GDPR has been introduced for a very good reason - to ensure that all our data is safe and secure.

Have Your Records In Place On Or Before May 25th

It is of the utmost importance that all employers have a record of their processing activities in place by May 25th at the very latest when GDPR comes into effect. If you want full details of all the steps an employer needs to follow to ensure they comply with GDPR then you can give our offices in Armagh a call and we will be glad to give advice on how your particular business can ensure they are compliant. Our number is 028 3752 5999, remember the launch of GDPR is now just two weeks away so don`t leave it too late to get in touch.


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