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Latest News & Articles | Personal Injury Claims For Road Traffic Accidents Fall To 9 Year Low

Personal Injury Claims For Road Traffic Accidents Fall To 9 Year Low

Monday, April 30th 2018 8:28pm

Figures released by the government show that personal injury claims for road traffic accidents have fallen to their lowest level for 9 years. In 2017/18 there were just over 650,000 personal injury claims relating to vehicle related accidents, which is 21% down on 5 years ago.

Whiplash Reforms Could Further Reduce Claims

Whiplash ReformsThis figure is likely to further decline now that the government are proposing so called `whiplash reforms` which will set limits on the amount people will be able to claim, as well as the claimant having to ensure they can provide medical evidence to the court.

In The Actuary Access to Justice spokesperson Andrew Twambley said about these new figures produced by the Department for Work and Pensions: "The government justified these reforms on two key arguments: that there is a whiplash epidemic and that motorists would receive £35 off their car insurance,"

"Now the government's own figures show that overall claims numbers are falling, and falling faster with each passing year."

Cost To Insurance Companies Of Motor Injury Claims Had Already Been Falling

And in the same article the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers president, Brett Dixon, commented: "Insurance industry evidence shows very clearly that the cost to insurance companies of motor injury claims has been falling for a long time, by 21% since 2013 to be precise,"

"Any concept of fairness or compassion or help for genuinely injured people will be sacrificed for the empty promise of cheaper car insurance."

The government though believe that these measures will save up to £1 billion in claims for the insurance industry and that these savings will then be passed onto the customers.


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