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How To Deal With An Employee Who Has Lied On Their CV

Friday, April 27th 2018 10:32am

Consider this scenario. You are an employer who has taken on a new member of staff after an interview and they seem to have all the right credentials for the job in hand. However you soon find that the new employee has lied on their CV, something that research has found has been on the increase for a number of years with educational qualifications and employment history often embellished. How do you handle such a situation?

Check The Employment Contract

Employment Law AdviceFirstly you have to realise that once you have taken them on as a new member of your team you can`t simply withdraw the job offer. You should check the employment contract to see if there is a contractual term in there which says that continuing employment is dependent on the employees job application being accurate. But even if you don`t have this particular clause in their contract, having an employee lie is arguably in breach of the implied term of mutual trust and confidence.

You then have to weigh up whether the lie or lies in the CV were deliberate or just an honest mistake. For instance has the employee lied about having specific qualifications or presented fake certificates, or did they just reasonably omit a brief period of employment from their CV? Also importantly does the lie relate to a core feature of their new job?

Setting Up A Meeting To Discuss The Allegations

Once you have analysed the situation you should set up a meeting with the employee so that they can put their side of the argument. It could be that the allegations that they have lied are not true for instance or there may be other reasons why the CV was not as accurate as it should have been. But if your new employee did lie then you can start disciplinary proceedings against them, which will probably be for gross misconduct.

From there if the allegations are confirmed you can dismiss them if you wish to without giving them any notice. As they will have been working for you for less than two years they will not be able to claim unfair dismissal against you.

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