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Housing & Benefit Entitlement & Law

We are able to provide expert advice and assistance in relation to all Housing and Benefit Entitlement and Law queries.

If you feel that you should be entitled to housing benefit or any other type of benefits but you are not receiving it please get in touch and we can see if we can sort this out for you.

Claiming Benefits You Are Entitled To

You may not be claiming for certain benefits that you are actually entitled to, such as working tax credits, child benefit, disability living allowances, incapacity benefit, income support, council tax benefit, jobseekers allowance and the previously mentioned housing benefit. This could mean you are struggling financially when there is no reason for you to be doing so. If you are finding it difficult to find out what you are or are not entitled to and do not know how to apply for any of these benefits then get in touch with GCS Solicitors Armagh and we will be glad to offer you our services.

Incredibly the amount of total benefits that go unclaimed each and every year in the UK is believed to be going up to a staggering £20 billion. The benefits system in the UK is quite a complex one and so you may need some assistance in navigating through it to get what you are entitled to.

If you tick any of the boxes below then it could be that you are entitled to benefits. Do any of these apply to you:

  • Is your take home pay very low?
  • Do you have some kind of disability or illness which affects you?
  • Are you over 60 years of age?
  • Do you have children that are dependent on you?
  • Are you a carer for either a family member or friend or some other person?
  • Have you been bereaved?
  • Are you at present pregnant or have you had a baby recently?

If any of those situations above apply to you it could well be worth getting in touch with us to check what if anything you are entitled to in relation to benefits.

Please call GCS Solicitors now to obtain a quote for our services on 028 3752 5999 or email your query to info@gcsarmagh.co.uk.


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