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Criminal Law

Get Free initial advice from a qualified and specialised solicitor, and we provide an Emergency 24 hour call out service, use 028 3752 5999.

Specialist Legal Advice

When the Police or Courts are involved, you need specialist legal advice that you can trust. GCS Solicitors' Dedicated Criminal Department are specialised Solicitors in the defence of Serious Crime including Murder, Manslaughter, cases involving Assault, Drug Supply and Possession, Fraud and Driving offences.

Our dedicated Criminal Department can provide you with expert legal advice and defence representation in court if you are suspected of, or charged with, any criminal offence. We can visit you in prison to discuss your case, if you require.

Criminal Defence Lawyers

We undertake a detailed preparation of your defence where matters proceed to trial, which will include a detailed assessment and examination of the prosecution case against you, and the preparation of defence witness statements. We also undertake to instruct barristers in your case, where appropriate.

GCS Solicitors have acted in many high profile cases over the years, acting for clients charged with the most serious criminal offences. We offer a free initial consultation. Please contact us by either using the Contact Us link or by contacting our designated Criminal Department on:

028 3752 5999 (Our Armagh Office).

Our Criminal Department is able to deal with the defence of all criminal offences and our Specialised Crime Team are available to deal with your case on an emergency basis.

We provide an Emergency 24 hour call out service for any person arrested on suspicion of committing a criminal offence. All advice and assistance in the police station is absolutely free no matter what your personal financial circumstances. We provide an excellent service from the point of arrest right through to the final day in court. If you need to contact us in an emergency then please call us now on 028 3752 5999.

We provide a premier service to those clients who find themselves before the courts on criminal charges. We have four specialist criminal practitioners who have amassed a wealth of experience in dealing with even the most serious criminal charges.

Please email your query now to info@gcsarmagh.co.uk


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